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Highspeed Webhosting - what else do you need?

Explore our lightning fast and affordable web hosting packages. All packages run on ultra-fast, low-latency hardware, and you can upgrade your package at any time if you need more resources and features. Find out which web hosting plan is the best for you with the below guidelines.

I need a budget-friendly hosting package for a small site

✔ I do not need my own domain yet.
✔ I want to be able to host all kinds of smaller websites.

Start riskfree now

Our entry web hosting package Tihany (S) for only 49,00€/year comes with a free subdomain and all the essentials to run smaller websites, WordPress and other web applications. 

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I want my own domain and run a normal website only

✔ I want my own domain.
✔ I want to be able to host all kinds of websites.

Everything for cheap

The Kis-Balaton (M) package for 84,00€/year comes with a free domain* and is sufficient to run smaller to mid-sized websites for a small price.

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I want multiple websites and domains

✔ I need a larger package to run multiple websites.
✔ I want all available features.

More power

With the Budapest (L) web hosting package, you can run multiple websites and domains on a single hosting plan with sufficient resources for only 180,00€/year.

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I want to run a large business site

✔ I expect many website visitors.
✔ I am running a large eCommerce or similar business website.

Everything you need

Our Balaton (XL) hosting plan includes everything you need for large scale business companies and eCommerce projects at 228,00€/year.

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I need dedicated resources

✔ I need an entire web server just for myself
✔ I need plenty of resources dedicated to my projects

Dedicated power

Get an entire fully managed web hosting server just for you and your projects alone with our Ultimate (XXL) package for extra large web-projects starting at 828,00€/year.

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I am unsure or need something else

✔ I don't know which package to choose
✔ I need a customized package or more resources

We're here for you!

If you are uncertain which package to choose, if you need a custom plan, or if you need even more resources, just get in touch with us, and we will help you make the right choice.

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Compare all hosting plans

Find out the technical details, resources and features of all our web hosting plans side-by-side.

* Free Domain Registration applies to the following extensions only: .at, .au, .cat, .cc, .ch, .click, .cn, .com, .cz, .de, .be, .biz, .boo, .by, .ee, .es, .eu, .fi, .foo, .fr, .homes, .info, .it, .li, .lt, .lu, .lv, .me, .moe, .name, .net, .nl, .no, .org, .pl, .st, .su, .ro, .ru, .tk, .tokyo, .top, .co.uk, .uk, .us, .work, .xyz, .hu

  • High performance processors

    All servers running on high frequency 5.7 GHz AMD Ryzen 7950X CPUs. This ensures that PHP files and SQL queries can be parsed with fewer CPU cycles, reducing the overall latency. Other hosters usually run on old or slow CPUs which are not optimized for web hosting.

  • High-speed storage

    Our servers are running on ultra-fast NVMe disks. They are even faster than SSDs. In addition, they are configured in a RAID-10, which ensures even more performance and high availability. Other web hosters offer large amounts of disk space, which is unnecessary for web hosting, and store your files on slow disks, leading to high latencies and load times. In addition, they greatly limit data throughput and IOPS, which slows down your website.

  • LiteSpeed & QUIC.cloud CDN

    The hybrid approach of having an ultra-fast web server service with caching and the QUIC.cloud Content Delivery Network further accelerates your website on the software layer. LiteSpeed and QUIC.cloud were developed to work in tandem and are optimized for each other. Guaranteeing perfect caching worldwide.

  • Based in Europe

    Our team is based in Hungary at the beautiful lake Balaton. We offer our services in English and German. Our servers are located in Bavaria, Germany. All support tickets are directly handled by our 3rd level technical support, ensuring swift and satisfying resolution.

  • Transparent billing

    Web hosting providers have the tendency to lure in customers with cheap hosting plans or domains, that will triple or quadruple in price in the following billing cycle. This makes it impossible to properly budget or understand the overall price. We are committed to providing fully transparent prices, including all taxes and fees. No hidden fees, tricks, or renewal increases.

  • Security & Privacy

    We respect your privacy and ensure the highest level of security. You get unlimited SSL certificates for free, and your emails are protected against spam, phishing, and viruses by default. We also offer free DDoS protection via our QUIC.cloud CDN.

Why BalatonWeb?

Our promise: you will never have to worry about your website ever again.

Unmatched performance

Our premium infrastructure and platform services are optimized for the most popular web content management system called WordPress. We are utilizing the fastest disks available on the storage, as well as high-frequency processors to run your site lightning fast. In addition, our web serve LiteSpeed is an enterprise grade server that is fine-tuned to the top to accelerate your WordPress as fast as physically possible.

In fact, we are so confident that you won't find any faster competitor for the same price, that we will extend your current hosting package by 3 months for free if you do.

Easy Control Panel

With cPanel, our hosting control panel, you can configure everything in one place. Manage your domains, emails, security rules, analytics, databases, billing details and many more. Access your emails via a convenient web interface, or install your WordPress in seconds.

Offsite Backup

We take a snapshot of your files, databases, emails, and DNS configuration every night and store it on a different infrastructure for absolute safety. In case something goes wrong, you can quickly roll back your entire website with just a few clicks. This provides you with a safety net against possible configuration errors or hacking attacks.

Global availability

Our built-in QUIC.cloud content delivery network (CDN) caches your website on several severs around the world. This ensures that your website is blazing fast, regardless of the location of your visitors. In addition, it optimizes your images and website automatically and protects your site from malicious traffic.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Do you offer Cloud Hosting?

No. “Cloud Hosting” is just a buzzword for running hosting services on cheap hardware on service providers like Google Cloud (GCP) or Amazon AWS. We run our hosts on premium hardware in selected datacenters.

Why do you offer so little disk space for your packages?

Many hosting providers offer hundreds of GBs of disk space with their hosting packages. This is because they are over committing their storage, e.g., they offer more storage than they physically have, in the hope that customers won’t use all their storage. In addition, many run their storage on old or slow storage.


In contrast, we provide you with the fastest available PCI 4.0 NVMe storage. This ensures low latencies, which is the most critical aspect for fast web hosting. Even if you are running a huge Website, you will barely need more than a few GBs, and on our offering, reserve 100% of the assigned storage without not over commitment.


It’s also important to understand that storage is in most cases the performance bottleneck in IT systems. CPUs and Memory are usually less occupied than the disks. Hence, we size our offerings on fast storage as the core to guarantee outstanding performance.

Do I need to run WordPress on your hosting packages?

Absolutely not. You can run any web application or website you want. They will all perform great. Furthermore, we offer a broad selection of web applications such as Joomla, ownCloud, or Drupal that can be installed with just a few clicks.

Do you offer other domain TLDs?

Yes, we can register most of the public domains for you. If you can’t find it on our list, just get in touch with us and we will make you an individual quote.

I have a problem with my website - can you help me?

Our support is contractually limited on the infrastructure and software we are offering. However, we may assist you with individual performance tuning or configuration help at our discretion. Web development and consulting is offered by our local partner, Der ITler, and we recommend engaging them for larger inquiries or projects.

I found a hosting provider that provides better performance!

If you find a hosting provider that offers the same or better performance for the same or a lower price, we give you the option to either cancel your contract with us for a full refund of the remaining term. Or, we will add 3 months of hosting for free to your current contract. That’s our performance promise!

To apply for this offer, please provide us with the results of five recurring GTmetrix runs of the same page on the different hosting provider.

Where is your team located?

Our headquarters, support, and billing staff are based in Hungary. The company is run by a German management team. Our server administrators are spread across the USA and Singapore to ensure 24/7 infrastructure reliability.

Your hosting and domain offering seems to be more expensive than your competition

Due to our transparent price policy, we show you the actual yearly price, including all fees and taxes. No tricks, no hidden charges. Furthermore, our hosting and domain prices remain the same at renewal.


Other companies usually show the prices either without tax, or they become costly after the first billing period (normally after a year). Hence, we highly recommend checking for the fine-print at which price their services renew. Occasionally, you will get a domain for a few dollars in the first year, and afterward it renews for up to ten times the initial price. But at this point, you are already locked into their contract.


Finally, it is important to know that we offer premium hardware with exceptional performance. While other providers advertise large quantities of unnecessary disk space, they will limit the disk performance in the fine print, making your website very slow.

About BalatonWeb

Where High-Performance meets Worry-Free.

We specialize in providing high-quality premium hosting solutions with outstanding performance. Our goal is to help you succeed with your business, by making things just work. We promise via our 30-days money-back guarantee that you will be entirely satisfied with our infrastructure and speed. With BalatonWeb, you will never lose a customer due to slow load times or unavailable services ever again. 

Payment Methods

You can pay with most Credit Cards, PayPal, Crypto currencies like Bitcoin and Monero and many more.

Money Back Guarantee

Try BalatonWeb Hosting for 30 days without a risk. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel your hosting plan for a full refund. Does not apply to dedicated servers like "Ultimate (XXL)".

Pay Safely

All payment gateways are encrypted. Any credit card data will be stored on security compliant 3rd party vendors.

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